1. When does the 2023-24 season start and end?

The first week of practices will be announced soon and the FMYBL season wraps up mid-December.  Some teams may choose to continue later into the spring season if the team and coach want to play in travel tournaments.


  1. How often are games? Are they on Saturdays or during the week? Is there travel required?

SYBA is part of the FMYBL (Fargo Moorhead Youth Basketball League).  FMYBL games are played locally on Saturdays (FM area, West Fargo, DGF, Northern Cass, Casselton).


  1. How many practices are expected each week? Where are they held?

Practices are twice a week at a Northside school.  Locations and times may vary based on availability and will vary week to week.


  1. How much is the program?

Flat fee of $160.  This pricing includes uniforms.  Scholarship discounts are available.


  1. Is there any fundraising? Is fundraising required?

The Spartan apparel available for sale on our website is our only fundraiser.  It is totally optional, however, each family should check out the site.  There are lots of options with the Spartan logo and can be customized with “SYBA”, “Spartans”, or “Northside”, for example.


  1. Are parents expected to volunteer?

Yes.  Parents are our coaches and assistant coaches for SYBA!  When you register your student, please consider coaching!


  1. Are there any other fees/costs? Uniform, etc.

There are no other fees outside of the registration fee.  Uniforms are part of the fee and can be used for multiple seasons.