Thank You to All the Volunteers Who Made the SYBA Tournament a Success!


DGF Community Ed is hosting a one-day youth girls/boys basketball tournament on Saturday, Feb. 25th.  We have 85 teams signed up and it is going to be an awesome event.

They have a few open bracket spots that need to be filled.  The team entry cost:  FREE.

We are looking for teams in the following divisions:

1 team – 4th Girls / 1 team – 7th or 8th Girls

1 team – 3rd Boys / 1 team – 5th Boys / 1 team – 6th Boys

Important Dates

Click here for important
SYBA dates coming up!

Practice Schedules

We’ll post practice schedules here as soon as they’re available.

Grade Reps

Grades Reps are here to assist with questions.